Informatica MDM Adapter for Oracle BPM Engine

Informatica MDM Hub supports most of typical integration and usage scenarios. One of the most popular scenarios is Operational MDM that assures “single view” of master data in the core systems used by business users. Such master data is often also called as "golden data". Along those lines, an Informatica Hub as a mature MDM solution can be used to store pre-golden data using terms like "pending" data to reflect that the it is not yet fully certified. Sometimes people use more colorful terms as “copper” or “silver” data. This feature is called "State Management" and it gives possibility of having MDM to store the “in-flight” updates of data that is being choreographed via BPM workflows.

Typically the functionality of keeping "pending" data is used in two types of "processes"

  1. Data Quality. Any data that cannot be automatically cleaned or qualified may be brought into MDM in a pending state to allow later resolution by Data Stewards.
  2. Business Approval Processes, where changes to master data should pass through a series of approval steps. This process assumes orchestrations of business user interactions.

Let's consider real life scenarios: Data Quality Issue and Business Data Change.


Data Quality Issue

  • A record is coming into MDM and business or data rule violation is detected by the system, e.g. duplicated SSN values for customers
  • Record is brought in a "pending" state to ensure it does not affect the rest golden data.
  • A background process identifies "violation" and creates a new workflow process that is automatically assigned to a particular data steward or group of stewards. Optionally email notification could happen
  • Assigned data steward logs into the system (e.g. IDD) and sees list of tasks (workflow process instances) to resolve.
  • Steward introduces changes into "pending" data to resolve the issue and submits workflow process. It is automatically routed to the steward manager for approval (optionally)
  • As soon as final approval happens, "pending" data is actualized via special MDM APIs

Business Data Change

  • Business user logs into the application built on top of Informatica MDM. It could be both regular IDD or fully custom applications.
  • The user decides to change some business critical information, e.g. details of a supplier bank account.
  • The system has fine-grained rule engine that identifies business critical data change.
  • Instead of immediate update of the golden data, it persists changes in "pending" state and creates new business process instance, that is automatically routed to appropriate manager or group of manager for approval.
  • A manager logs into the application and sees a task waiting for his approval (there could be also email or any other means of notification)
  • Depending on the business process complexity, process is either immediately rejected / approved or routed to the next person.
  • Finally "pending" data is either actualized or fully withdrawn.

Informatica MDM Hub offers multiple level of support for the above processes, starting from simple built-in workflow engine to enable data quality processes and ending with external BPM engine support to enable complex business interactions orchestrated by well defined workflow process. Ability to integrate with external BPM engines is provided via special Informatica BPM Adapter SDK for MDM Hub. Out-of-the-box there are two BPM adapters for IBM BPM and Fujitsu Interstage BPM engines.
TaskData offers Informatica MDM Adapter for Oracle BPM Engine that offers the same level of functionality as native adapters and even more. It includes following integration points:

  • Data Quality
    • Automatic Data-Steward tasks creation based on MDM batch job execution
    • Manual Data-Steward tasks creation from Informatica IDD UI
  • Business Approval Process
    • Approval requests from Informatica IDD used as business UI
    • Approval requests from Custom Business UI applications.