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TaskData Composite Services Framework (CSF)


Online integration of MDM may be hindered by differences in data models between MDM and legacy applications. Informatica SIF APIs that provide access to the Informatica Hub’s data model operate with base objects rather than business entities and may not always produce correct data results suitable for the needs of client applications such as Informatica Data Director.


TaskData is offering a quick and easy way to achieve true online integration between MDM and a legacy application through a framework that introduces new capabilities in addition to the SIF APIs and has a universal design suitable for any implementation.


Composite Services Framework provides the following capabilities:

  • Represents a complete collection of APIs incorporating MDM SIF capabilities
  • Metadata driven, designed to be suitable for any implementation
  • Provides convenient tools for various customizations
  • Requires no source code change
  • Supports composite updates
  • Facilitates MDM systems integration at enterprise level
  • Easily adjustable to database schema changes
  • Low maintenance cost due to use of the same JAR file for multiple schemas
  • Able to operate with composite structures (business entities) defining composite objects over base objects via a simple configuration file
  • Manages relationships between objects within composite structure transparently for API users
  • Allows users to abstract from relationships between objects and focus on complex business logic
  • Easily implemented and maintained
  • Compliant with Informatica IDD i18n bundles
  • Compliant with Informatica security models and data masking rules
  • Composite services can be consumed via Web Service calls.
  • WSDL for composite services can be generated automatically and driven by metadata
  • Boundaries of J2EE transactions are defined via declarative configuration options