USAIS: Results of creating and commissioning

12.30.2015 Federal Forestry Agency put into operation the Unified state automated information system of wood accounting and tracking - further referred to as USAIS.

USAIS combines the data about:


  • legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, citizens engaged in logging,
  • the lease contracts of forest plots,
  • the forest plantations sale contracts,
  • the forest plantations for citizen own needs sale contracts,
  • the rights of permanent use of forest areas,
  • the contracts of uncompensated use of forest areas,
  • the forest declarations,
  • the reports of forest use,
  • legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, citizens, foreign companies who made the transactions with timber,
  • declarations on transactions with timber,
  • the marking of valuable forest species, exported from the Russian Federation,
  • contracts on works on protection and reproduction of forest, including the conditions of sale and purchase of forest plantations,
  • the participants of foreign economic activity, carrying out export of wood of valuable forest species.


USAIS rapidly detects violations of the provisions of the Federal law № 415 of 28.12.2013 «The law on amendments to the Forest code of the Russian Federation and the Russian Federation Code of administrative offences» and generates reports for data analysis.