Why MDM?


Managing non-transactional master data such as customer profiles, products and securities is as important as processing events and not that simple at all. The number of records in such cases is usually relatively small, but requirements to data accuracy and completeness are much higher.


MDM Solution will allow you to

Consolidate Data

  • Download information from all available sources
  • Aggregate all information related to a particular entity into a single record
  • Identify most recent and trusted value for each attribute
  • Remove duplicate records using exact and fuzzy logic

Establish data governance process

  • Automate data governance activities
  • Improve efficiency of manual data management tasks

Track quality metrics

  • Manage data with complex relationships and dependencies
  • Improve data quality in every part of your IT structure
  • Make trusted and complete data available in downstream systems


What’s really important?

Master Data Management solution is the heart of the information infrastructure aimed at providing accurate and trusted business-critical master data, allowing you to govern, validate and keep data up-to-date and actionable for a long time. Only a well designed and properly implemented solution will make the whole system effective, just like a healthy heart makes the body strong.